Originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Feras’s strong passion for hospitality and hookah brought him to the United States. His early career was spent mastering every imaginable facet of luxury service operations, and the corresponding values and standards necessary for success.

Feras got a degree in Hotel & Restaurant management in Switzerland, which is well known for its upmarket hospitality industry. His education provided Feras with the tools to effectively run a high-end service enterprise and gave him a good working knowledge of event management and catering.

After working for a few years in the Hotel Industry at D’Alleves Geneve, Helvetie Montruex, and 5-star Hotel Pas De L’Ours with 2 star Michelin Restaurant. These diverse experiences gave him the perspective to be an effective personnel manager with a high-level of empathy, but also a direct approach to discipline. At the same time, Feras continued to advance in the hookah industry. His exploration of the Central-Europe market led him to realize that hookah culture here is still in its early stages. In addition, Feras has taken part in starting up and managing several hookah lounges in Europe.

Using the classical hookah as a basis, he began to develop his idea of the perfect hookah. First, he experimented with almost everything he had at hand. Then, he got an idea to design his own model. And so he devoted a lot of time and effort to experimenting and honing his own vision. He studied the mechanism of the conventional model, its basic functions, such as filtering pollutants, rod smoke, cooling, taste, etc. The most important thing for Feras was to create a device that would cause minimum damage to health. As we live in an extremely polluted environment, health effects are the first consideration that needs to be taken into account. This is why Feras took this as the main criteria for the success of his design.

Eventually, in 2012 Feras completed and patented his own model of Hookah.

Arriving in Los Angeles in 2013, Feras continued his hospitality career by working in Hilton LAX, Los Angeles, California. A year after, with all of his experience in Hospitality and Hookah business, Feras decided to open his first Upscale Hookah Catering Company, based in Los Angeles. His Hookah Catering Company is the culmination of 10 years of experience in the Hookah industry and the fruit of his ultimate passion for Hookah.

Throughout its long history, hookah has undergone many changes that have undoubtedly affected its quality and developed negative effects on health. Feras inextricably connects his business with art and creativity. For him, Hookah is Inspiration, Relaxation, Fun, and most importantly - Safety.

“Everyone likes Hookah. (At least, I haven't met anyone who doesn’t! - Unless they try something else)

But there are some people who really love Hookah. Those whose days are spent creating, testing and mixing new tobacco flavors, designing perfect water pipes, visiting hookah bars, reading about new 'hookah culinary' methods, and devouring everything they possibly can.

I love hookah! Everything about it!. The flavors, the design, the quality. The way hookah brings people together and puts a smile on their faces. Hookah is my hobby, my passion, my art. After a long and stressful day, the hookah ceremony is the one thing that can put me at ease. It's never a chore. Hookah is an amazing thing and I am still discovering its boundless possibilities. I would be delighted if you shared my work of Art with me.” BASHNAK, Feras.

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