Master Class

You may be wondering, why You should learn how to make a Hookah? Well, the answer is an easy one – Quality Hookah.

We are happy to offer you a unique opportunity to learn how to prepare Quality, Exclusive and most importantly Unique hookahs, which are not like any others“hookahs”.

We are dedicated to teaching you the craft of Hookah through a hand on learning environment with FerasBashnak who demonstrates the unbeaten level of experiencewhich will help you to learn the skills needed to make HookahLIKE NO OTHER

we strive to provide you with the cooking training and culinary education that is second to none

Our high quality masters will strive to providefast and quality training and hookah education that is second to none. Starting from safety and quality, and ending with the intricacies of the art of hookah, and even open you a secret in cooking magnificent hookah, which is owned by our master only.

The master-class program includes everything:

  1. Explanation hookah device and it's technical features and structure.
  2. Preparation hookah on arabic clay bowl.
  3. Preparing hookah on fruits, the basic principle (apple, grapefruit).
  4. Cooking beautiful bulb
    • Using syrups and fruits
    • General principles of preparing hookah on alcohol, juice and milk.
  5. Familiarity with famous tobacco brands and Coals.

With all of the skills and knowledge that our staff has to offer to you, you will find that we will be able to offer classical teachings that lead to opportunities in the culinary field.

Taking our master class, you will learn how to distinguish good from bad hookah, poor from high quality, you will be able to choose a hookah device to buy based on knowledge of all their features, you will sort out in different tobaccos, and most importantly - learn how to do yourself a beautiful hookah. Our master-class is suitable even for people who have never tried to prepare a hookah. Our masters will come with a hookah device and a full set of accessories, you don't have to worry about anything, just enjoy and fly with Hookah Fly.

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