Let's Go Hookah

Feel the spirit of endless Californian summer! Our fruit bowlswill bring you to an incredible world of quality, unique flavors and fragrances.

We designed a unique conception to let your hookah party get started right away. With Let’s Go Hookah© now it’s possible to order an Organic or Exotic fruit head bowl filled with your preferred tobacco flavors, in advance. Enjoy the most convenient way to smoke your ownhookah.

It’ a fact: You should have met such a problem: When the weekend comesthere is nothing like a picnic, barbeque or home party. Of course, you want to spend a good time together and enjoying Hookah. And a holiday that supposed to be relaxing turns into a total disaster: you’re expected to prepare food for all of the mates and a Hookah at the same time. As a result, none of this isn’t ready, even if so, by the time you finish cooking, you feel yourself absolutely exhausted.

Our Hookah fruit bowls are not only a right decision to save time, but also they’ll adorn any interior. Its unusual design and quality shouldcause an interest to hookah and will be approved by your friends.

Call Us Today at (310) 927-22-04 and learn all details about this unique service. And Let’s go Hookah©!

***Important: if you don’t have your own hookah, you can always hire your personal caterer or use our rental service.

  • Apple Head Fruit Bowl

    Apple Head Fruit Bowl
    Apple Head Fruit Bowl will be perfect for those who like thick clouds.
    $24,99 Book Now
  • Orange Head Fruit Bowl

    Orange Head Fruit Bowl
    Grapefruit Head Fruit Bowl-idealfor intensifies and smoothest of tobacco flavor.
    $29,99 Book Now
  • Pineaple Head Fruit Bowl

    Pineaple Head Fruit Bowl
    Pineapple Head Fruit Bowl-great for bright and sweet smoke/exotic look.
    $34,99 Book Now

*The quotedprice will include Organic Fruit Bowl, filled up with you preferred tobacco flavors and packed with Aluminum Foil. Also, it will include 4 pcs of natural Coconut coals (recommended) or quick burning coals.

*It’s Ready to Smoke Fruit Hookah Bowl. All you need to do is to install Fruit Bowl on your Hookah pipe, burn coals and enjoy professionally made Hookah.

*The prices on the chart do NOT include delivery charges and taxes. Due to location and delivery distance, fees may vary.

Make it possible with Let’s Go Hookah©. Just contact us and tell us about your intentions, name and date you’ll pick up a fruit bowl. Enjoy the time spend with the Hookah!

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