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al - mint

 Mint - shisha is the "gold standard" by which all mint hookah tobacco is judged. This is the purest essense of mint available today across the hookah universe. This popular shisha is amazing to smoke on its own for a clean, refreshing hookah bowl. The smoke is thick, puffy and because of the cooling effect of the mint, extremely smooth. Al Fakher mint shisha is also one of the best hookah flavors for mixing. Adding mint to any flavor will create a lighter and smoother mix with a clean minty finish. Be warned that just a pinch of Al Fakher Mint can go a long way.


al - watermelon


 Watermelon - shisha is bursting with flavor! This juicy blend has a rich fruity taste that is one of the sweetest Al Fakher shisha flavors. Expect a candy watermelon flavor and you won't be disappointed. The smoke is thick, and flavor will last for an hour or more. Try Al Fakher Watermelon with a touch of Mint and enjoy a sweet fruity blast with a cool mint finish....perfection!


al - 2 apples


Two Apples - is the shisha flavor that built the house of Al Fakher. Two Apples, aka Double Apple, is a slightly sweet, apple shisha with a generous dose of anise or licorice. As one of the original hookah flavors, Two Apples is the most smoked flavor in the world. This classic is great on its own for a truely traditional session. Enjoy dense clouds of Al Fakher Two Apples and a flavor that will take you back Dubai.


al peach


Peach - flavored hookah tobacco is popular across the board because of the sweet fruityness and the tart and tangy bite create a delicious combination. Al Fakher Peach is a more fruit based flavor as opposed to the sweeter fruit interpretions like AF Watermelon. Peach is bold, and provides and excellent hookah session when you want a fruit flavor without a pure sugar blast. Enjoy Al Fakher Peach alone or if you want to kick it up a notch, try mixing some Strawberry, Mango, or Berries flavor.


al grape


 Grape - is one of the holy Al Fakher trinity of Grape, Mint, and Two Apples. Grape is extremely smooth, has a tart green grape flavor, and always smokes with beautifully thick clouds of smoke. This is a true classic and a necessity for any Al Fakher fans war chest.



al vanilla


Vanilla - is the ultimate flavor enhancer. Al Fakher Vanilla, though delicious on its own, is ideal for enriching the flavor of almost any hookah tobacco. The subtle, yet rich flavor brings out a complex flavor profile that experienced hookah smokers have come to rely upon. Try mixing Vanilla with Mint, Lemon, Peach, Apple, Cinnamon, Grape, Orange, or just about anything else and you won't regret it.



al golden grape


Golden Grape - aka Black Grape, is a play on a rich purple grape, black currant flavor. Where the classic AF Grape is a grape juice box, Golden Grape is a rich Bordeaux, aged to perfection.  Al Fakher Golden Grape is a definite winner. After you experience this masterpiece on its own, try mixing in Al Fakher Orange. Its a favorite mix that brings back memories of popsicles on a hot summer day.


al grapes with mint



Grape with Mint - is an inevitability due to the overwhelming popularity of its ingredients. The most popular Al Fakher flavors of Grape and Mint were mixed so frequently that Al Fakher headquarters wanted to save you the trouble. Thick clouds, and refreshing flavor await all who indulge in this shisha synergy.


al cherry



Cherry - shisha tobacco brings out the sour bite of fresh cherries and just enough sweetness to create a fruity blend that delivers on the Al Fakher promise for excellence. Cherry is a delicious shisha flavor on its own, but is also commonly blended with Mint, Vanilla, Cola or Chocolate.



al guava



Guava - shisha offers peak into one of the most popular fruits of the tropics. The Guava fruit is originally from India, but is now cultivated in the tropics around the world. Guava has a very robust flavor that is fruity and sweet. Be warned that Al Fakher Guava can be overpowering in mixes.



al orange


 Orange - Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco is mildly sweet with an orange lollipop flavor. Orange hookah tobacco smokes well with Syrian and Egyptian style heads. Orange mixes well with banana and Nakhla Caramel.




al honey



Honey - Al Fakher hookah tobacco kicks out the sweet and unique flavor of honey. While honey is a basic ingredient in many shisha tobacco flavors, this blend brings the honey flavor to the forefront of your hookah. Try mixing this shisha with lemon, chocolate or cherry flavors, you won't be disappointed!



al lemon with mint


 Lemon With Mint - Al Fakher hookah tobacco is a match made in Heaven of two of the best Al Fakher shisha flavors. Both flavors are clean and refreshing on their own, together these Al Fakher shisha tobacco flavors create a mix that is extremely smooth and refreshing to smoke. This amazing flavor from Al Fakher will keep you happy and smoking for hours.



al lemon



Lemon - Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco is a mix of lemon and lime flavors. Smokes well with Iranian, Syrian, and Egyptian style. Mixes well with almost everything and is used mostly for contrasting flavors. Lemon and lime juice added to the water help the flavor, as well as cleaning the build up in the narghile.


al licorice



Licorice - Al Fakher shisha tobacco is a classic flavor for the more traditional hookah smoker. Also known as Ark Sous, this sweet, spiced flavor has a sharp anise flavor; similar to Al Fakher Two Apples, but you don't get as much sweetness. It's not for everyone, but does have a very loyal following among those who enjoy it. 


al rose




Rose - Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco is a mild flavor that is popular with the ladies; tastes and smells like potpourri. Can't afford a dozen long stem roses? Give her a box of this hookah tobacco and have a romantic smoke session together. 

al fakher gum with mint



Gum With Mint - Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco offers up a nicely balanced spearmint flavor, reminiscent of sweet spearmint chewing gum. This hookah tobacco is soothing and smooth, with nice minty clouds. 

al melon




Melon - Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco is a sweet flavor that mixes well with mint and lemon. Smokes best with Egyptian and Syrian style heads. Try a mix  of 80% melon hookah tobacco with  20% mint. 

al fakher cinnamon



Cinnamon - Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco serves up a sweet variation on a classic flavor. Unlike some spicier versions of cinnamon hookah tobacco, this one is sweet and mellow and doesn't get harsh over time. 


al fakher strawberry



Strawberry Cream - Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco is a delicious, sweet blend. If you're a fan of strawberries and cream, you'll like this hookah tobacco.


al fakher kiwi



Kiwi - Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco offers up a  moderately sweet kiwi flavor. Kiwi hookah tobacco flavor kicks up medium smoke density and a nice smoking experience.


al fakher jasnine




Jasmine - hookah tobacco mixes well with vanilla, rose, and mint flavored shisha tobaccos. Smokes well with all styles.